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Our Background

Founded by professional musical theatre performer and teacher Lauren Mildenberger, Ruby Slippers Show School was set up through her drive to promote her passion for theatre, dance and singing.

Lauren started dancing at the tender age of three and quickly fell in love with performing. She took classes and exams in many different disciplines of dance and acting as well as joining amateur theatre groups. She participated in many shows - from pantomimes to period plays and generally embracing the whole theatre scene.

We are one of Hampshire's leading theatre and dance schools, combining outstanding teaching, performance opportunities, an ability to nurture enthusiasm and talent - all within a fun and friendly environment.

The speciality of Ruby Slippers is that children learn many new abilities in a relaxed and friendly environment and work towards regular onstage and off-stage productions without the constraints of set examinations.

From ages ranging from 3 - 18 years old, we offer a broad variety of classes which encourage confidence-building, co-ordination, creative thinking so providing the necessary skills needed to be able to perform.

Our Future

Since the school began in 2009, our pupils have been performing in many different shows including regular performances at The Lights Theatre (Andover); at outdoor events such as the Jubilee Jamboree; at various charity events; hotel events and even inspiring the local community by performing in the street!

Ruby Slippers Show School continues to go from strength to strength, seeking to inspire tomorrow's dancers, singers and actors with exciting classes, enthusiasm and knowledge of the theatre industry.

"Classes are fun, friendly...and exhausting!"
Thea, aged 9

All About Children's classes (for 3-16 yr olds)

Mini Gems

Age: 2 - 4 year olds (Pre-schoolers)

Mini Gems is a fun, relaxed and explorative class using music and movement to improvise play. Using our imagination around a theme we might fly into outer space or explore the depths of the ocean through songs, music and dance. A great way to introduce your child to working together in a class environment through song and dance!

Thursday 15:30 – 16:10


Age: 4 - 7 year olds

Our Twinkles class has been designed for the child who has already started mainstream school or who has attended the Mini Gems sessions previously. This class explores the world of the theatre through drama games, improvisation, singing, exercises, scripted work and so much more.

Tuesday 16:45 – 17:30


Age: 8 - 11 year olds

Gitters is a unique class for our most energetic pupils. It’s a fun, lively class where our students enjoy getting involved in creating dance routines and drama workshops, all in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Thursday 16:30 – 17:30


Age: 12 - 15 year olds

Ruby Slippers ‘Sparkles’ is our class for teens focusing on contemporary dance. Disciplines include street-dance, cheer-leading and hip hop. They are an energetic bunch whose enthusiasm is infectious!

Thursday 18:00 – 19:00

Twinkles Performers

Age: 4 - 7 year olds

Twinkles Performers is a fun and energetic class for 4 – 7 year olds. It focuses on ‘putting on a show’ – enjoying the best of the West End and Broadway stage by focusing on lively dance numbers and catchy song tunes.

Tuesday 17.30 – 18:00

Ruby Performers

Age: 8 - 15 year olds

This fun, fast paced musical theatre class draws inspiration from choreography from the West End and Broadway stage. It starts with a choreographed warm up to get your energy levels high. You will then learn jazz technique and following that you will then be taught choreography to a diverse range of musical theatre numbers. This class has a strong emphasis on preparing you for performance opportunities.

Thursday 17:30 – 18:00

All about Adult Classes (over 16+ years)


Age: 16+ years

Tap is one of the most iconic forms of dance. Originating from the back streets of New Orleans and becoming synonymous with the stars of the silver screen, it’s a timeless theatrical art form.

If you love the idea of tapping out rhythms and improving your timing, fitness and flexibility, then sign up to our Tap-tastic classes for adults.

Wednesday 18:30 – 19:30

Salsa Fusion

Age: 16+ years

Salsa means ‘sauce’ in Spanish and is a combination of various Latin dances with roots in Africa and Cuba, with Latin and North American influences.

Beginner level Salsa is relatively easy to learn and you can expect to be able to enjoy a basic Salsa social dance by the end of your first class!

Friday 19:00 – 20:30


Age: 16 + years

Wednesdays 7:45-8:45pm

Wednesday means FitSteps® with Lauren! Learn to dance just like the Strictly Come Dancing Stars in an aerobic setting and you won’t even realise how how many muscles you’re using!

We are able to deliver these steps in varying degrees of intensity, adjusting the level of effort needed to accommodate the varying levels of fitness that could be found in any mixed ability class. This makes FitSteps® classes suitable and achievable for everyone, no matter what age, gender or previous experience.

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